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Well, who knew it. Bobbi Brown does Bridal! And in a big, glorious, I am ready for the Aisle and looking fabulous type way. Yes, my gorgeous cousin Charlotte and I rocked up to the Covent Garden store (as per pic above, all looking mighty fine me think’s pre-makeover!) and I can confirm we had an absolute ball. More importantly (wedding day aside) Charlotte walked out looking Hollywood red carpet ready – totally A-list, good to go for a night on the town in the Capital. And yes, I know the idea of doing your own make-up on your wedding day might sound a little daunting, but trust me girls, I am a convert. Our pro Bobbi Brown make-up artist Amalie Russell – who spends most of her day getting Celebrities ready for photo-shoots and the like – talked  us through every element, step and stage to perfect a big day look and here’s how…

Bobbi brown bridal make up

It all starts of course with a consultation to decide on the style and feel for your wedding day look.

Bobbi Brown wedding day make up prep

Once that has been decided upon, it’s time to get to work! At this point, I was wondering how we would remember the make-up journey and even considered filming the process (which of course is an option if you so wish), but actually, one of the best bits of the Bobbi Brown Bridal consultation is that every product, every brush and every part of the process is documented for you, so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the moment.

Wedding day make up plan

I must admit, initially as we walked into this session, I did think the idea of a bride doing their own wedding day make-up might be a little stressful and overwhelming, but actually I felt the absolute opposite by the time we left the store. It’s all rather empowering. You have complete control over your big day look, it’s not in the hands of someone else and you get to practice as many times as you like before the day itself. It’s not necessarily for everyone, but my advice would be not to knock it before you’ve tried it.

Bobbi Brown make up transformation

Bobbi Brown wedding make up

Celebration make up Bobbi Brown

And thus the wedding day look is complete!

Finished Bobbi Brown make up

Bobbi Brown wedding day make up ideas

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Check out the Bobbi Brown wedding day make-up tutorial guide by clicking here

Or to make an appointment to visit the Covent Garden store for a consultation – which generally last around 45 mins – simply click here




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