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M Spa Jacuzzi London

Whether you are on the hunt for the ultimate hen party pampering, or a little RnR time pre-wedding with the other half, I have uncovered a total nugget of loveliness for you and trust me – you will NOT be disappointed. If you depart leaving anything other than fabulous, I’ll massage you myself!

Yes The M SPA by Montcalm really is a rare contemporary haven of relaxation right in the heart of London’s tech city. And it’s super handy to reach too, being only a few minutes walk from Old Street Station. Open to the public since April 2015, I was particularly keen to see what this new spa-on-the-London-scene had to offer and as I am sure you can already gather… all expectations were superseded and then some!


With interiors by Versace, you can instantly imagine the wow factor on arrival. In fact, the entire hotel has a cool cutting edge feel about it the moment you walk through the door and this sense of innovation follows through the entire experience at the venue. I was greeted by my wonderful therapist Giovanna who kindly showed me around the spa before promptly slipping into my robe. Oh I do love a robe and that transformation from real life into a world of relaxation is simply unbeatable. Anyhoo time for a quick Elemis shower before heading straight-in for the main event… a jacuzzi, swim and iced lemon water poolside. #heaven

And to be fair I really did drift off thanks to the fact this spa is so well thought out in terms of not overcrowding to purposely offer a sense of exclusivity – a very important element I think for both a party with the girls or a time out with your partner. I could have stayed poolside for hours, but a full body massage awaited me and there was no way on Earth I was going to miss out on that!

Full body massage M Spa

Now I must admit, I have road tested quite a few spa’s in my time and often find hotel therapists a little disappointing, or rather light on substance/expertise shall we say. But hands down, this was actually the BEST deep tissue massage I have had to date. And I told Giovanna too! She was very happy I am pleased to say. Using a mix of various disciplines, Giovanna promptly deknotted and detoxed my body leaving me feeling refreshed and revitalised, ready for a night out on the town with some friends. A perfect tonic pre-event that’s for sure!

The carefully selected ranges used at this ultimate urban sanctuary are pretty fabulous too, with meticulously sourced products from both ila-spas organic collection and the results driven Natura Bissé skincare range.

Montcalm Hotel

The facilities are simply sensational and also include a massage room for two! Ideal for you and your partner to enjoy a treatment together. Plus there’s a sauna, steam room and light-experience showers for you to try out. Oh and even a state of the art gym if you fancy a de-stress workout pre-relax!


For full details and to book The M Spa by Montcalm London simply click here!

How to avoid the hen party from hell

Into the wood cover


How to avoid the hen do from hell!

Brand NEW thriller In A Dark Dark Wood by Ruth Ware tells the story of a hen do, which uncovers some secrets best kept hidden…

Leonora hasn’t seen Clare for ten years. Not since Nora walked out of school one day and never went back. Until, out of the blue, an invitation to Clare’s hen do arrives. Is this a chance for Nora to finally put her past behind her? As the champagne corks pop, the secrets begin to flow, and a hen do for an old school friend begins to take a sinister turn…

In A Dark Dark Wood is available to own now in hardback, and to celebrate here on the wedding fairy blog, we’re giving you some top tips on how to avoid a real-life hen do from hell!

1) Don’t hold a hen do at your home, unless you know all attendees well

The drinks are flowing, people are dancing, and the next thing you know, your family heirloom crystal swan given to you by Auntie Muriel has been smashed. Unless you can hide all valuables, or know and trust the hens implicitly, it’s probably best to hold the party elsewhere

2) Strippers, penis straws and Ann Summers parties are not for everyone

When the bride said no strippers or S&M gear, was she joking, or did she mean it? Not everyone is into debauchery and ‘last night as a single gal’ for their hen do, so take time to get hints from the bride and her friends as to what she’d really like to do. Then you can create a memorable event for the right reasons!

3) If you are going abroad, be mindful of budgets

It’s unlikely all attendees will earn the same or have similar amounts of disposable cash; we all have busy (and expensive) lives after all!  If you plan to go abroad, examine different options in different price brackets, and keep all attendees in the loop. Don’t be upset if you have drop-outs, its better they tell you now rather than not being able to afford dinner in Amsterdam!

4) Be wary of inviting relatives

Unless you are really close to the mother-in-law or other female relatives of the bride and groom, think twice about inviting them! They may not enjoy your booze soaked Chippendale fest and you don’t want the bride to be upset if they want to leave. Perhaps organise an afternoon tea or special brunch earlier in the day or the day after that they can attend.

5) Last but not least, Hen parties are NOT a competition to see who is closest to the bride

If you are the maid of honour, do listen to the other bridesmaids and hen’s opinions and suggestions for what to do for the party, to ensure everyone is well briefed and wants to take part in your chosen activities!

Find out more about In A Dark Dark Wood:

Guest blog feature written by Emily Darling


In a dark dark wood




A word from the team at!

Weddings are for girls. That’s what we told as young whippersnappers growing up, and that is the way it stayed for quite some time. However, there seems to be quite the shift in the wedding-sphere which is forcing the Groom to the forefront of wedding arrangements (whether he likes it or not).

The Bride no longer has the same amount of time (or possibly inclination) to put as many hours into wedding planning as had been known historically and so it is up to the Groom to pick up the slack. But does your average fella even know what is properly involved in the planning and execution of the Big Day? Although the amount of responsibility for the Groom has certainly increased, the amount of male focused wedding resources had not, so this is why we created Panic Groom.

Throwing the Groom and Best Man onto the fire with nothing but themselves for company is now even on mainstream television. Don’t Tell the Bride on C4, It’s car crash TV brilliance that you can’t help to enjoy but no longer will we let the lads be hung out to dry at the expense of a cheap laugh for our nation, we are offering you helping hand in the name of MANkind.

Panic Groom is the ultimate online male focused wedding website offering advice, information and the suppliers to really impress your better half. Whether or not you have been given sole responsibility or your quest for information is more of a token gesture to keep the peace for a while, Panic Groom has you covered. With advice for writing speeches, choosing engagement and wedding rings, roles on the day, Wedding Fashion advice and to how to pick the right wedding suppliers, we are giving you an arsenal of tools and information to make the whole ride a smooth one. You can also check out our Panic Groom Directory which contains 10 of our most recommended Suppliers for any Wedding Sector in your area. A nice consist list of people excellent at what they do, right on your doorstep. Simples.

Grooms and Best Men, there is no need to Panic. We can help.  If you were not panicking, we can still help anyway. Just make sure you visit and say hello as there really is something for all the any of the gents involved.

Look forward to seeing you on the flipside and all the best for your big day!

The Panic Groom Team.