First wedding couple at Dismaland

First Dismaland wedding couple

Introducing the first wedding couple at Dismaland…

In all fairness you really couldn’t make this up! I was en route to a family soiree in Devon, but annoyingly the dramatic weather conditions in the West Country put stop to that, so in traditional Somerset fashion, we re-grouped for an epic Sunday lunch spread to re-stratagise the days activities and when you are from Weston-super-Mare, there really is only one option right now… Dismaland!

George Watts family
With the family en route to #Dismaland

Now in my business, a wedding fairy is never off duty. I have met some of my best clients in the most random of circumstances (I shall park that one for another blog post!!), but even by my standards this one was pretty out there! At first I thought Si & Rachelle Christie-Irwin were actors employed to add a little sparkle to proceedings at Banksy’s fairy-tale castle, but as my brother-in-law got chatting, suddenly all became clear – this was the real deal. Dismaland’s first official wedding couple had landed at the bemusement park! This was ridiculous and clearly a fatalistic moment. Ultimately I was mildly hysterical and riddled with excitement (as per pic below), but luckily Rachelle recognised me from an interview I did in ‘You & Your Wedding’ magazine last month, and thus they didn’t hail for security in fear of their lives!

The Wedding Fairy with Si and Rachelle Christie-Irwin
Poor Si just wanted to eat his pizza in peace… Rachelle and I on the other hand had other plans!!

Si and Rachelle married last week in Newcastle in what they described as a ‘wedding in the woods’… sounds mysterious and rather fabulous doesn’t it? And the theme? Till death do us party. My kind of people! Time to order a pint and really get the party started :-) The venue of choice was actually Sweet Hope Lough – a gorgeous lakeside setting in Northumberland. Originally the couple had opted for a festival themed ‘I-do’ at Glastonbury, but Rachelle didn’t turn up, so Si proposed again 5 years later whilst a band banged out ‘I touch myself’… the rest as they say is history. Falling slightly in love with this fabulous duo at this point fyi.

Dismaland wedding couple

‘So where was the honeymoon going to be’ I asked? ‘Cancelled’ the couple replied. ‘Why’ I asked? ‘To be here of course’ replied Rachelle and Si in harmonious union. Yes their three week getaway to Cuba had been cancelled to be at #Dismaland instead. And they have no idea of how, if, or when they will get any money back or an alternative date set. Bonkers I know – and that’s exactly why I love them! Yes, clearly it might be an understatement to call them #Banksy superfans, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity after all to visit the Worlds most exciting contemporary art exhibition… Cuba can happen anytime right?

George Wedding Fairy Rochelle Wedding Dress Protection
Rachelle protects her wedding dress from the elements!

So what were our couple looking forward to seeing the most? The Dismaland castle of course! Si told me Dismaland was like being at their wedding day anyway, so for them, they got to re-live their nuptials all over again for the bargain price of £3 a ticket! What a steal… and they even got a wedding fairy thrown in for free too!! :-)

For details on visiting Banksy’s mind-blowing ‘Dismaland’ just click here!

Outside the Dismaland castle

Any yes, the Worlds most exciting bemusement park was pretty fabulous too!
Thank you to Jason Smith my brother-in-law for picture contributions :-)

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  1. SJ August 24, 2015 at 7:37 pm #

    The most magical and wonderful couple in all the land – love them to the moon and back. Great pictures x

    • Ebony July 13, 2016 at 8:43 pm #

      Whoever edits and publhsies these articles really knows what they’re doing.


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