Luxury wedding on the Amalfi coast

Hotel Caterina Amalfi

Without the need to write a word, I think the visuals here say it all – the Amalfi coast is quite simply a gem of a location. Whether it be for a destination wedding, or honeymoon, this region of the Italian coastline is utterly breathtaking. And yes, the Iconic journey winding down to the beach does make you feel like you are immersed in many a Classic movie, but this region has so much more than just that to offer. From the Architectural history, to the culture and the wonderful people too, the Amalfi coast is a dream location for any celebration and when it comes to choosing a place to have that celebration, well for me, there’s only one possible name in the frame…

Hotel Santa Caterina nightime

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I give you Hotel Santa Caterina – a member of the LHW (Leading Hotels of the World group) and deservedly so. Much more than just a hotel, this venue is drenched in history that you can’t help but soak up the minute you step into the reception. Deliciously elegant, Santa Caterina oozes glamour and delivers a huge helping of old school sophistication in it’s own unique and incomparable way. It’s not obvious or over the top, there’s actually a a real sense of everything being a little understated, which if anything, just adds to the allure and general appeal of this very special place. Trust me, once you step in, you will not want to leave!

Hotel Santa Caterina room view

Room with a view…

Hotel Santa Caterina rooms

Oh yes folks, the rooms are beyond divine at this luxurious getaway, with each space purposely styled to give every interior an individual identity. Original tiled flooring – you can just about see trying to grab your attention on the above pic – lines the way across most of the hotel and delivers a truly unique feel to the space, which then carries through across the entire venue design from the ground up. Talking of history, the hotel has stayed in the same family since 1880, when Giuseppe Gambardella first opened the hotel. Fast forward to the present day and a whole host of A-list stars and Royalty still grace this sensational location.

Hotel Santa Caterina Food

The deliciously fresh menu was utterly unforgettable…

Hotel Santa Caterina Lemons

Especially the locally sourced lemon specialities. I have never tasted anything quite like it – the pasta. One word. Wow. A treat for the palate.

Hotel Santa Caterina Weddings

Right, let’s get down to business. Quite clearly, this venue is the place dreams are made of and, if you are thinking it might make the perfect wedding location for you, well, you’d better click here to get all the detail you need to turn your dream into a reality.

The hotel can accommodate a fabulous mix of celebrations, from an intimate banquet, right through to a secluded sun-kissed balcony setting. The choice is yours people! Most importantly, the venue also offer a mix of big day packages and are flexible in their approach to meet your individual needs and wedding day requirements.

To find out more about Hotel Santa Caterina and get a complete overview of what this stunning venue has to offer, simply visit the website:

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