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Armistice day

Imagining what life would be like today if it wasn’t for the sacrifice of so many is pretty difficult to comprehend and probably something most of us rarely stop and think about. I for one would hold my hand up to that. But for some reason this morning, the news coverage has grabbed my conscious and led me to do exactly that. Probably because I am working from home and my mind isn’t totally in ‘work’ gear as it were, I find myself reflecting somewhat on the bravery of so many to fight for a freedom we know of and take for granted today. It’s human nature for us to do so, but stop and think we should because even now, the potential consequences of an extreme political or religious idea taking hold is all too evident for us to see.

We face a tide of problems – particularly with regards to social equality and protecting precious institutions at the heart of our Country – but, remembering our ancestors and all those that actually gave up their lives for what we have, is something we must all respect and be thankful for. Without doubt, many of us in this Country are way more blessed than others and I count myself in that bracket.  A loving upbringing, education (including fee free university) and a freedom to go and grab life and make the most of it. Taking a moment to reflect on my own achievements today has been a pretty powerful force, especially when you think it might not have been possible without others making the greatest sacrifice of all.

We all know people from both sides of a war suffer and I wish we could exist without such terror. My fingers are always crossed for a peaceful existence. The mere thought of being called upon to fight and be prepared to give my life for freedom is terrifying, and something so many less fortunate are doing across the World right now. A basic right I rarely think about I am guilty to say. Many could also argue that people choose to join our military forces today and it’s way of life. This is true – what brave people they are. There is much talk of heroes in sport and the world of celebrity. Soldiers are the true hero’s, along with nurses, doctors and so many others who fight for others on a daily basis.


So, if like me, you are starting today, pretty much the same as yesterday, stop and think about everything you have that might not have been possible without them.

Find out about the British Legion’s work in supporting veterans of war by clicking here

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